Holistic Development of Your Child
Programme for Active Learning

Learning will continue to expand beyond the four walls of a classroom. The new Programme for Active Learning (PAL) will give your child the chance to discover new interests, learn new skills and build his character. This will also provide him the opportunities to develop confidence and forge new friendships.

The Programme for Active Learning (PAL) aims to develop character and useful life-skills by providing Primary 1 and Primary 2 pupils with early exposure to different modular activities. In 2010, PAL was prototyped in 12 PAL Phase 1 partner schools in the broad areas of Sports and Outdoor Education, and Performing and Visual Arts. PAL has been implemented in another 24 schools in 2011 and 35 schools in 2012. It will also be implemented in another 25 schools in 2013 and subsequently rolled out to all schools progressively in tandem with single session.

Teachers and pupils have seen positive changes since the implementation of PAL. These include pupils becoming more confident and vocal in class, exhibiting more leadership qualities and learning to be more mindful of the needs of classmates.