Holistic Development of Your Child
Holistic Assessment to Support Learning and Development

Assessment is an important aspect of teaching and learning. It should be used to support the holistic development of our pupils.

At Primary 1 and 2, when your child is just beginning school, a key focus should be on building his or her confidence and desire to learn. Thus, assessment at these levels is bite-sized and focuses more on providing information on the learning progress of the child.

In the classroom, teachers use a range of appropriate assessment modes to gather information about their pupils’ learning and provide feedback to the pupils on their mastery of concepts and skills as well as their strengths and areas for improvement.

As parents, you can look forward to richer feedback on your child’s development and gain a more complete picture of his achievement and progress.

Since 2009, MOE has been in partnership with 16 primary schools to implement PERI Holistic Assessment (HA), starting at Primary 1. Each year, implementation is extended to more levels and schools. By 2014, the original 16 schools would have extended implementation to Primary 6 and the remaining primary schools would have implemented PERI HA up to at least the Primary 2 level.

MOE also launched a Holistic Assessment Website for teachers. The website houses information, exemplars, resources, strategies and tools for the planning and implementation of Holistic Assessment in the primary schools.

“I have begun to understand what is expected of my child. I am now in a better position to help my child. The immediate and specific feedback given has certainly helped my child grow.”
Mrs Anbarasi, Parent, St Anthony’s Primary School

“The school’s approach towards holistic assessment allows the children to assess themselves and receive valuable feedback from their teachers. These help to build the children’s confidence to learn… I’m very happy that the school is moving in this direction.”
Mrs Jenny Lim, Parent, Haig Girls’ School

“Holistic Assessment builds an early foundation for children by helping them to be more confident. It also inspires them to learn through assessment tasks throughout the year. The scoring scales used and feedback given not only help my child understand his own strengths and weaknesses but also let me have a comprehensive view of his progress.”
Mdm Fong Sow Yeen, Parent, North View Primary School

“We were initially unsure about HA. However, after witnessing Darren’s progress in school, I am pleased that he does not have to deal with the pressure from regular examinations during his foundation year and is enjoying the learning process. In fact, the focus on HA has developed in him a love for reading and a sense of confidence to express himself.”
Mdm Eve Lim, Parent, St. Gabriel’s Primary School

“I feel happy when my teacher praises me and tells me that I can read well. She also gives me ideas and tells me how I can improve my composition. I think I have improved because of what my teacher tells me.”
Jaykuhan, Primary 2 Pupil, Princess Elizabeth Primary School (2011)

“I receive feedback from my peers and teachers. The feedback I receive helps me understand what I have done wrong, so that I can fix my mistakes.”
Neville Oh, Primary 3 Pupil, Damai Primary School (2013)

“Pupils have more opportunities to assess themselves and their peers. This brings fun and ownership to learning.”
Mr Lim Poh Guan, Teacher, Compassvale Primary School

“It’s great to see young pupils experience little successes along their learning journey and gradually build more confidence and enjoy their learning. As I embark on this new journey with my little ones, I also sharpen my teaching skills. HA has created new platforms for me to explore and discover the best strategies and tools to enhance my pupils’ learning.”
Miss Gan Ching Ching, Teacher, Poi Ching School