Conducive Learning Environment
Enhanced Facilities to Support Holistic Education

New infrastructure will be put in place to support the delivery of holistic education. School facilities and spaces will be redesigned. This may include outdoor learning spaces, additional venues for performing arts, and an indoor sports hall to allow Physical Education to be conducted regardless of weather conditions.

New Design Norms for Primary Schools

For non academic programmes which develop life skills, promote socio-emotional development and nurture confidence, facilities such as band rooms, dance studios, performing arts studios, outdoor running tracks and student care centres will be provided. These facilities encourage greater interaction and self-discovery, and facilitate experimental and hands-on learning.

MOE targets to complete the implementation of the enhanced facilities to all primary schools by 2016.

Indoor Sports Hall

Indoor sports halls are all-weather sports halls that provide schools with greater flexibility to schedule physical education lessons and conduct co-curricular activities regardless of the weather. Ninety-seven schools have already been provided with indoor sports halls and another 13 are expected to be completed by the end of this year. MOE will accelerate the implementation of the indoor sports halls and target to complete implementation to the remaining schools over the next 6 to 7 years.

Synthetic Turf

Synthetic turf fields are more superior to natural fields. They are safer, need less maintenance and dry faster. This gives students more opportunities to use the field for sports and games, which are integral to the holistic and well-rounded education that schools provide. Thirty-seven schools have already been provided with synthetic turf fields. MOE plans to offer synthetic turf fields to all schools that need it in phases. For a start, this is being implemented in 30 schools from end 2010.

School of the Future

By 2016, all primary schools will have enhanced infrastructure to support holistic education and the use of engaging teaching methods. The illustration below shows you the facilities that your child can look forward to – there may be some, not all, of them in your child’s primary school soon. The types of amenities installed will be based on the school’s size and requirements.