Tips for Parents
Read with Your Child Every Day

Let your child see you reading both for pleasure and for information. He will want to imitate what you do. Set aside a quiet place in your home for you and your child to read without distractions. Stock this place with books, magazines, newspapers, comic strips and other print materials that might interest your child. [more...]

Tips for Parents
Choosing the Right School

As a parent, you have a vital role to play in choosing a primary school that matches the needs of your child. Below are some factors you may wish to consider when choosing a school for your child. Travel time and distance to school Consider the distance from the school to your home. A shorter [more...]

Tips for Parents
Help Your Child Know His School’s Environment

The earlier your child is familiarised with his new environment, the more positive he will feel about going to school. Visit or tour the school grounds with your child or show him pictures of the school. Talk to your child about the new routines he will be going through everyday, such as flag-raising and lowering, [more...]

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