General Information Guide For IELTS Candidates

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is one of the world’s most popular English language assessments (get the facts to increase your chance in passing the exam). Individuals who want to take the exam may register at the IDP or the British Council as these test centres are legit administrators of the assessment.

It has two versions namely Academic and General Training. If you want to study in an English-speaking country, you can take the academic version. The general training is for individuals who want to migrate, work, or attend educational programs. For the listening section, you can get 30 minutes and 60 minutes for the reading section. The last section, on the other hand, can last for 11 to 14 minutes and 60 minutes for the writing section.

In registering for the assessment, you need to go to the local examination center to get some advice, especially about selecting between the two versions. You can download the application form online or get it from the center. Once the application form is completed, secure your requirement such as the passport. You may then submit the form with your payment, which is typically $180. However, to learn about the cost, you may get in touch with the center.


During the assessment day, be sure that you arrive on time. If you miss your appointment, you may need to register and pay again. Do not forget to present your identification document once you are inside the premises. You also need to know that you will be made to start with the listening section first. It will then be followed by the three other sections. You also need to know what the do’s and don’ts are. For instance, you should remember that you are not allowed to use devices such as a mobile phone during the exam. You won’t also be allowed to talk to your fellow candidates, drink, eat, or leave the room.

Another basic information about the assessment is the scoring, which ranges from 0 to 9. There are also criterion areas used by the examiner to give you the mark you deserve. Make sure that you know what these criteria are, especially during the preparation process. One of the important things about IELTS that candidates should know about is that it can be re-taken without limits. However, you should pay the fee every time you take the exam.

One of the best ways to pass the assessment is to choose the right tutor. A preparation class can help you stay on the right track and achieve the results you desire. Teachers can also help you identify your weak areas and strengthen them. For instance, if you have a weakness in uttering words, then the tutor will help you determine why you are having such a difficulty and how to overcome it. It is important that you land on the right mentor, as your success may depend on how good and reputable the tutor is. There are many options available nowadays, and this is why you need to make sure that you get the right one.

Taking A Look Inside A PSLE English Tuition

If you are thinking about taking a PSLE English tuition, then click over here to find the best one. A teacher is one of the things that test takers should be a part of while preparing for the exam. There are many advantages in getting a tutor, and one is that you will be able to increase your chance in passing the test. Tutorials are designed to help you get ready for the exam, study efficiently, stay on the right track, and stick to measures that can help you achieve your assessment goals.

Courses often include helping you develop certain core skills such as media literacy, team work, and critical thinking. You will be provided with a learning environment that is highly communicative, and this is extremely helpful if you have low listening and speaking skills.

In a tutorial class, you will be made to discover your weak areas. You may not realize it but just like other people, there are certain areas you need to develop to improve your chance in passing the test. The tutor will help you identify these weaknesses and strengthen them. Once you are able to overcome your weaknesses, you won’t be interrupted in learning progressively. During classes, you will also be given a syllabus, which contains details on what you will be learning. There are common topics included such as situational and continuous composition, oral skill development, grammar, vocabulary, listening comprehension, and speech. The courses may vary but there are those that provide English enrichment programs including good manners.

psle english tuition

The educator will provide techniques, tips, and resources needed to help make your learning experience painless and progressive. Regardless of how difficult preparation may appear to you, most of the best tutors are equipped with what it takes to teach students of different needs and knowledge levels. More importantly, you will be taught about the test format and how you will be marked. This is extremely relevant because your test preparation should always target the criteria of the test. Once you study the things you will be graded on, you will increase your chance in having a high score. You will be assessed according to how you respond to the sections namely, continuous writing, language use and comprehension, listening section, and oral communication.

Educators s have the skills to encourage and motivate you. They are highly qualified and possess advanced degrees in English. You won’t just improve your knowledge but also your confidence. This is especially helpful if you are very shy. More importantly, the teacher will let you see the difference between gaining a competitive and average score.

One important thing that you should do is to simply look for a teacher that can help you achieve your test goals. While teachers are generally helpful, not all can provide you with the kind of help you need. Take time in choosing the right person or finding the best tuition centre to help you prepare for the test and achieve your desired results. You can say goodbye to primary school with grace and head towards secondary when you do well during the assessment.